Sunday, February 22, 2015

If I were President... Valentine's Day Fun

This week we learned all about Presidents' Day.  I decided to have my students' write about, If I were President...  Their ideas were so touching.  We just finished reading about Cesar Chavez and in that story it talked about how Cesar Chavez helped crop pickers get better homes.  I think this really stuck with them because many of them wrote about this.  
Our craft turned out very cute.  I let them draw their own face and also cut their own hair.  I love how creative they are.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  

I found an awesome peer editing worksheet.  It is a freebie on TPT.  It was fun watching my students edit each others writing.  

For math, we have been reviewing greater than, less than, and equal to.  I decided to make some larger numbers and have my students use their arms as the alligator sign.  After all, we were all hungry alligators and we wanted to eat the greatest number.  I would have my tens place step forward to decide if we could compare.  If the numbers were the same, the tens place would step back and then the ones place would step forward.  We would then decide which number was greatest, least, or equal to. 

This really helped my lower students who struggle with two digit numbers.  I have some students that really struggle with two digit numbers, so I knew I needed to simplify the process for them.
I wanted to share some personal pictures this week.  I am a huge CrossFit addict.  I started many years ago and I just love it.  For Valentine's Day the gym I attend hosted a Tuff Love couples competition.  My husband and I decided to participate.  This was the first time we have ever competed together.  I have to say it was a blast.  There were a total of 19 teams and my  husband and I placed 4th.  We were pretty excited.  The best part was spending time with so many people we just love.   
Here is Gary and I during the first part of the workout.  
Carrie, Me, Gina
These are two of our dearest friends, Richie and Gina.  We just love them!!

Well that is all for now.  Check back next week to see what Room 13 is up to. 

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