Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Golden Week...

I'm doing catch-up today on my blogging.  We have been so busy.  This month is safety month at our school.  Our school does a door decorating contest and a writing contest.  In preparation for our writing we decided to write about Safety Tips for our Leprechaun.  Leprechaun writing is only fitting for the month of March.   Their writing is really coming along.  We have not finished our final drafts because they are due on Wednesday but the rough drafts look pretty good!  

This is what writing looks like in my class.  Honestly, it's one of the times there is silence in my room.  My students are so engaged when they write.  I really do love it! 

For our door we decided to create a rainbow with a pot of gold.  I had my students start to write their safety tips on a gold coin but then decided to have them type out their tips.  They were so excited to type on my computer.  

Here is the final product.  I used streamers to create the rainbow.  I bought them at Walmart for 97 cents. I just love our door and so did they! 

I went to one of my favorite bloggers for a leprechaun drawing, FirstGradeBlueSkies.  She has the best directed drawing tutorials.  On her site she had her students color their leprechauns but I had my students use watercolors.  OMG did they turn out cute! 

I noticed my students have really been struggling with parts of speech.  I really do take this personally.  I know if they are struggling then I have not done a good enough job in teaching them the concept.  

I decided I needed to go back and start from the beginning.  I found an awesome parts of speech Powerpoint bundle on TPT.  The bundle is from Lindy de Plessis.  To say my students loved the noun Powerpoint is an understatement.  They were beyond excited.  This lesson was so interactive.  I would strongly suggest you check it out.  We didn't get to finish the lesson because there were so many slides and for the last two days all I heard was, Mrs. Peterson are we going to finish the nouns unit?!  That is music to my ears, when students want to finish something academic because they love it so much.  

This is a group working together to answer questions.  The lesson is very interactive and great for group work! 

That is all for now.  Check back next week to see our final drafts for our safety writing, St. Patrick's Day, and Art Faire paintings.  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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