Sunday, September 27, 2015

Elmer, Apples, Donors, and iPads

Here is my Five for Friday, on Sunday. I can't believe we are going to start our 7th week of school.  I've been very busy with some very exciting news.  


One of my favorite back to school units is Elmer.  Elmer is a special and colorful elephant.  I just love this book and craft that goes along with it.  I got this idea when I was student teaching.  My Master Teacher, Sheri Johnson was so creative.  I've used this every year since I've been teaching and I've shared it with my grade level and some of them do it too! The lesson in this book is that we are all different and special in our own ways. 

I decided in the beginning of the year that I want to decorate my door each month.  September is all about APPLES! Here is our door.  What do you think?! I used all Melonheadz clips.  You know I just love her clips :)

As I mentioned above, September is Apple month.  We read all about apples and also watched a PowerPoint on the Apple Life Cycle.   We wrote a narrative and then created a cute Apple Craft.  The PowerPoint and Apple Craft can be found in my TPT Store. 

Are you ready for the most EXCITING news?! Our class has received not one but TWO iPads from Donors Choose!!! I am beyond grateful and my students are so excited.  I finally created a project at Donors Choose.  My first grade bestie, Jamie, created her first project last year and received an iPad.  This inspired me to try.  My project was funded within hours.  I was so excited so I created another project.  This one was funded within a week.  I've had two projects fund in less than a month!!! 

My students are so excited! I'm currently working on my third project.  If you would like to support our classroom through Donors Choose or want to see what Donors Choose is all about click here

As soon as my first project funded from Donors Choose it was time to do research.  I spent hours on different blogs and Pinterest.  My goal in having iPads inside my classroom is to help students do research on topics we are learning about, become better writes, readers, and speakers.  

This week was our first week with iPads. We were reading and learning about Johnny Appleseed. During centers each group did research on Johnny Appleseed.  They used YouTube Kids and a reading app called EPIC.  It was so amazing to see them research a topic.  While they were listening to videos and reading they reordered their new findings on a recording sheet.  This sheet allowed them to write down words or draw pictures.  I have to say they were very engaged.  


Another goal in having an iPad is allowing students to publish their weekly writing on the iPad.  We had our first student do that this week.  He published his final draft for his informative writing about Johnny Appleseed on the iPad.  He was beyond excited and I was very proud.  What do you think?! 

This is only the 6th week of school and students are using iPads, doing research, and publishing their weekly writing! As a teacher this makes my heart happy.  This is all thanks to Donors Choose and those who donated to my classroom.  

This week we're going to do lots of apple science and investigating.  

I created this Apple Science Investigation Mini Book.  If you would like to purchase it click here.  

Please check back next week to see what exciting things are happening in room 13! Thank you for dropping by.

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  1. Congrats on your iPads! That super awesome! Your Elmer project looks adorable, I'm going to have to check out the book.